We’re proud to stock Frog Bikes, the best bikes for kids we’ve found. They’re lightweight and easy to handle, available in plenty of colours, and keep their value well for when kids grow out of them.

For years kids have been riding bikes that weigh half their own body weight and are tiring to lug around. On a practical level, heavy bikes usually end up being left in the shed! Frogs are made of aluminium, a lightweight frame material – meaning they’re easier for kids to balance and control, not to mention faster.

Frog Bike

Buying a Frog Bike from Lunar

  • We have free parking at the shop so it’s easy to take the bike home
  • We stock lights and other accessories too like locks and kickstands
  • All Frogs come with reflectors and a bell, mudguards

Test rides

Frog have a wide range of bikes for children and we have one of each size of the balance, first pedal and hybrid bikes in stock for your child to test ride. We have a wide range of colours in stock and if the colour your child wants isn’t in stock, we can usually order them in within 48 hours!

We can also order in Frog’s road bikes and track bikes for more serious riders.

The bikes

Balance bikes

Balance bikes are perfect for young children of 2-3 years old. They don’t have any pedals and the child’s feet are always able to touch the floor. This gives the child an innate sense of the balance needed to ride once they’re ready for pedals – no more traumatic moments taking off the stabilisers. They also have a steering limiter so that the handlebars can’t be turned too far – this is much safer when learning to ride.

First pedal bikes

Suitable for children aged 4-5 years old. Like the balance bikes, they come with a steering limiter. They come with mudguards as standard, and with a bell and reflectors.

Hybrid bikes

For most riders, this is everything you need. Available from age 5 up to age 14, they’re made of aluminium and have flat handlebars and 8 speed gears with an easy thumb shifter. And like the first pedal bikes they come with mudguards, bell and reflectors.


For more info and for the full range check out frogbikes.co.uk